Gospel Living

When He returns, will we be doing what He asked?

05/26/23 | 1 min read
Now’s our chance to prepare to live with Jesus Christ.

Here’s something interesting to think about. If Jesus Christ returned to earth today, would it be obvious that you are one of His disciples?

As Elder Jeffrey R. Holland once put it, “If in that great, final hour we say we are believers, then we had surely better be demonstrating it. The Shepherd knows His sheep, and we must be known in that great day as His followers in deed as well as in word.”1

He asks us to help prepare the world for His coming. What can we do today to help our Savior with that great work?

Prophetic Connection

What does the Second Coming have to do with President Nelson’s encouragement to help gather Israel? Hm...

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1. From “Preparing for the Second Coming,” Dec. 2013 Liahona.