Throwback Thursday: Hair Addition
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What is your morning hair routine?

09/21/23 | 1 min read
Maybe your ancestors did something similar.

In honor of “back to school” season in some places, we’re wondering how you get ready in the morning. And specifically—what do you do with your hair?

This might seem like a random question, but it can become a fun family history conversation starter. Ask your parents about their hair when they were your age. Or better yet, ask to see pictures!

Your ancestors might’ve used fire-heated tongs to curl their hair. That’s what curling irons used to be like. As it was warming up, they’d section off a piece of hair and wrap it into a “curlpaper” to help protect it from burning. Sounds like an intense morning routine!

You can explore ancestor stories and photos on the Family tree app.


Have you ever wanted to learn to braid hair or try some other styling skills? Maybe this would be a great time to set a goal!