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What does daily repentance look like?

11/20/22 | 1 min read
Connect with God and talk about your day.

Right now we are reading about Jonah, who spent three days repenting in the belly of a big fish.1 But repentance doesn’t need to be a soggy, dramatic event every time we do it. In fact, President Russell M. Nelson said that repentance should be part of our daily lives2—no marine animals necessary!

How can we make repentance part of our routine? Here’s what Elder Neil L. Andersen suggests:

  • Ask yourself, “How could I have better followed the Savior today?”
  • Pray and talk to God about your mistakes, and ask Him for forgiveness.
  • Pause after the prayer and listen to the Spirit.
  • Do what you can to make things right. For example, apologize to someone you’ve hurt or follow a spiritual impression you’ve neglected.
  • Take the sacrament and attend the temple as you are able.

“Forgiveness is a gift,” Elder Andersen said, adding at the end of his message, “Let us rejoice in the journey!”3

Give It a Try

Try following Elder Andersen’s suggestions for a certain amount of time, like a week. What do you notice?


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