October 2022 Conference Quote Card
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We’re more powerful when we work together!

01/15/23 | 1 min read
How can you support those making the world a better place?

Our Church does a lot to help those in need, but we are NOT the only group doing good!

In his recent general conference talk, President Oaks specifically mentioned people from various religions—Muslim and Catholic, for example—as well as other nonprofit and government groups that the Church partners with to help those in need.

What can we do to support the good people throughout the world who are trying to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick, and protect the innocent? Obviously, we can donate to the Church’s fast offering and humanitarian aid funds. Here are some tips that might prompt other ideas:

  • Look locally. Use JustServe.org or ask around to find service ideas near you. Imagine how different the world would be if everyone worked to improve their neighborhood?!
  • Pray for charity. Ask God to help you notice those in need and have a soft heart, willing to help.1
  • Think about the Savior. The New Testament is filled with His teachings. What would He say to you?2
  • Check before donating. If you’re wondering whether an organization is trustworthy, here are a few things to look for: whether it’s properly registered as a nonprofit, whether it’s endorsed by a well-established organization like the Red Cross, and what rating it received by third-party watchdog organizations like charitynavigator.org. When in doubt, talk to a parent, teacher, or leader.

Let’s work together, both with Church members and others, to alleviate suffering wherever we can!

One By One

Some of the most important service we can give is within our own circle of family or friends. What goals can help you show more love to others, one by one?

Read or watch President Oaks’s talk “Helping the Poor and Distressed,” general conference, Oct. 2022.
1. See Moroni 7:48.
2. See Matthew 25:34–40.