Come Follow Me 2023
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We see signs of the last days around us.

05/24/23 | 1 min read
But we don’t need to be afraid!

Jesus’s description of the last days can seem kind of intimidating. He told His disciples that there would be:

  • Nations and kingdoms fighting each other.
  • Famines and diseases.
  • Earthquakes in different places.
  • Wars and rumors of wars.1

We can see these prophecies being fulfilled today. But don’t forget what else the Savior said:

Or, as Nephi put it: “The righteous need not fear” (1 Nephi 22:17).

The last days are definitely “perilous times” (2 Timothy 3:1). No one knows exactly when the Savior will come again. But, just as a farmer can tell that autumn is coming by the way the plants grow, we can be aware of the signs of the Second Coming so we are prepared..2

How can we do that? By having the Holy Ghost in our lives. By reading and pondering the scriptures, praying regularly, living the gospel, and following the prophet. These habits will prepare us and help us feel peace and comfort even when things are scary. Christ promises access to His help and power as we stay in a covenant relationship with Him.

Be aware, not afraid! Stand with Christ and His prophets, not alone!

Comfort Collection

Start a collection of comforting scripture verses to read when life seems scary. The ones in this post can be a great place to start!

This is part of a series about the weekly “Come, Follow Me” scriptures. You can find this week’s lesson here.
1. See Matthew 24:7 and Joseph Smith Translation—Matthew 1:28.
2. See Joseph Smith Translation—Matthew 1:38–43.