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We asked, and they answered!

06/23/24 | 1 min read
Mission-prep tips straight from the field.

Even if a mission is years away, it’s never too early to start forming strong spiritual habits!

Recently we asked missionaries to tell us what helped them prepare for their missions. Here are a couple of the responses.

Elder Lorimer

Elder Lorimer

“For me there were three things that made the biggest difference:

  1. Going to seminary. In seminary I learned, but more importantly, applied Gospel principles. It’s where I did not just know about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but where I started to live it.
  2. Daily scripture study. Awhile before I left, my parents bought me a journal edition Book of Mormon. With it, I started actually studying and writing down what I learned. Through this new intensive study, I learned how I receive personal revelation.
  3. Attending FSY. I was able to go to FSY weeks before my mission. It was amazing! It took the preparation I’d already done and put it into practice. I learned to integrate gospel principles with having fun to have more of both.”
Elder Reynolds

Elder Reynolds

“One of the most significant things that helped me was keeping my focus on the temple. As I did my best to keep myself worthy of the temple, I grew in confidence. I was reassured that my decision to serve a mission was right, and that the Lord would be with me no matter where I was assigned to labor.

“I was also able to serve as a temple ordinance worker for two weeks before being set apart as a missionary. That experience helped me feel my Heavenly Father’s love, and gave me protection from temptation and discouragement in a way nothing else could.

“Whether you serve as an ordinance worker, perform ordinances for ancestors, spend time on temple grounds, pass by the temple on your way home from work, or even just have a picture of the temple in your home or bedroom—make it a focus of your life! Reflect on the temple often.”

Thanks for sharing, Elders! Keep up the good work!

Overcoming Pre-Mission Nerves

Do you have any tips for sisters who are feeling anxious about the mission call they received? Share your experiences at youth@ChurchofJesusChrist.org. We love hearing from you!