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Use your love to share the gospel.

07/24/23 | 1 min read
Here’s a pep talk from a prophet.

Some of the Apostles served missions when they were young. Elder Quentin L. Cook was one of them! He served his mission in England.

In this month’s magazine, he invites YOU to share the gospel even if you’re not a full-time missionary. Check out this prophetic promise:

“I promise that as you focus on the Lord Jesus Christ and how much you love Him and how much He loves you, you will be guided in your efforts.

“Your love for the gospel, for others, and most important, your love for the Lord will empower you to accept His divine invitation to share His gospel.”

Read more about Elder Cook’s tips and mission experiences here. Happy sharing!

Focus on Love

What do you love about Jesus Christ? The gospel? The people around you? Make a list and get excited to share what you love.

Adapted from “Share What You Love” in the July 2023 For the Strength of Youth magazine.

Image: For This Purpose, by Yongsung Kim,