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Turns out it was there all along!

06/18/24 | 1 min read
Here’s how Meka found her testimony.

When 17-year-old Meka moved to Ireland, she found that being a member of the Church made her a minority. Most people in that country are Christians, but they’re Catholic or Protestant, not Latter-day Saints.

Meka decided she needed to learn for herself whether she truly believed in the gospel.

“I knew if I served a mission, I needed to believe the things I would teach people,” she said.

She prayerfully studied the Book of Mormon.

“I knew when I read it, I felt happy and closer to God,” she said. But there was no burning testimony.

Finally, when she read the final chapter of the Book of Mormon with her local missionaries, one of them said something that helped her.

“He said that for some people, gaining a testimony is like a light switch turning on. But for others, it is like the sun rising.

“’And that’s enough for me,’ he said.”

That really stuck with Meka.

“My testimony of the Book of Mormon is still growing,” she said. “But I believe it is true. I have a deep love for the Book of Mormon. The more I read it, the more that love grows, and my questions are answered. And right now, that’s enough for me.”

Thanks so much for sharing, Meka!

To Think About

Has the growth of your testimony been more like a light switch or a sunrise? Or a combination of both sorts of experiences?

Adapted from this article in the For the Strength of Youth magazine.