Bryan from Youth Conference
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Trusting the Lord helped Bryan be brave.

09/24/22 | 1 min read
The result? More positive peers!

Bryan S. from California, USA, was struggling with his friends at school. He felt that they weren’t a positive influence on him and that they weren’t very loyal.

“They would do things without me and leave me out,” he told us while attending a conference for deaf youth. He wanted to leave that group of friends but was afraid.

“It was a risk,” he explained. What if he ended up isolated, without any friends at all?

“I prayed and asked the Lord for help,” he said. “The answer was simple: ‘Just leave that group of people.’ So I did.”

By trusting in the Lord, Bryan was able to find better friends with similar standards.

“I feel more positive,” he said. “They’re good influences on me.”

His new friends invite him to hang out every chance they get!

“I feel so good around these other friends that I want to be around them more.”

Leaving his old group and finding new friends was a hard decision but one that eventually turned out for the best. We will always be blessed for trusting the Lord! He’s the best Friend we could ever ask for.

Tales of Trust

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