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Trade your anxiety for His peace.

09/27/23 | 1 min read
Jesus Christ is no stranger to your struggles!

This song invites us to “dive” into the arms of the Savior and “trade” our anxieties for what He offers. Those are powerful invitations!

Although our challenges won’t simply disappear when we choose to follow Jesus Christ, we will be strengthened to get through them. The Lord will guide us to the best possible life! He is no stranger—He is your personal Savior.

To Think About

How can you trade your anxieties for the Savior’s peace? This would be a great question for a faithful parent or leader!

“No Stranger”

Tell me,
What am I feeling?
Why so empty?
I lost all meaning when I
Chased something that wasn’t me.
This wasn’t who I even wanted to be.

It’s really hard not to fade into the crowd.

Just breathe.
You promise me that it’ll be okay.
Help me see tomorrow’s a new day.
It might be hard,
I might feel alone,
But I just need to remember

That You’re no
Stranger, Stranger
To all my lows.
You fill me up
When I feel hollow.
I need
You’re in control,
And no
Stranger, Stranger
To all my lows.

Into Your arms—
Your love surrounds me.
I wanna free-fall into
You can help me to be.
I wanna trade in my anxiety,
‘Cause You are peace, and when I’m feeling weak,

I’ll breathe.
You promise
You’ll erase all my mistakes.
Help me see tomorrow’s a new day.
When the road gets dark,
When I feel alone,
I just need to remember


Whenever I fall,
You’ll help me get back up.
You love every scar,
I know I’m not perfect.
You know who I am
And all that I’ve been through.
You’ve never been a stranger,
So I’ll follow You.