RootsTech 2024
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Three days until RootsTech!

02/26/24 | 1 min read
Here’s more about one of the presenters.

Lynne M. Jackson comes from a long line of strong and resilient family members! Her great-great grandfather was Dred Scott, an enslaved African American who fought for his family’s freedom. Even though he and his wife, Harriet, didn’t win their case, it became a famous piece of legislation.

Now Lynne honors her legacy by sharing the story of her ancestors. She founded and is currently president of the Dred Scott Heritage Foundation. And you have the chance to hear her in a few days!

2024 Rootstech

Join us Friday, March 1, at Lynne’s presentation will be one of several inspiring messages. And best of all, the online sessions are FREE!

We’ll preview another fascinating presenter tomorrow, so stay tuned.

This Year's Theme: "Remember"

What can you photograph and write now that will help you REMEMBER this time years from now?

Read more about Lynn Jackson on the FamilySearch Blog.