Ammon Olyan performs 'Son of God' as part of the 2021 Youth Music Festival.
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This song reminds us we can live with God someday.

06/07/23 | 1 min read
It’s where the Savior is trying to lead us!

The whole point of the Savior and His commandments—the reason Heavenly Father sent Jesus Christ to live and die for us—is because God wants us to live with Him again someday.

As this song reminds us, He is never out of reach, even though we aren’t perfect. We can keep trying and look forward to the time when we see His face again!

Lyrics below.

Soak in His Love

Take a minute and listen to this song—or another one you like—and try to connect with God. He loves you so, so much!

“I Am a Son of God”

I see God’s blessings all around me (All around me)
I’ll never understand the love He feels for me
I know that I’m not perfect (Not perfect)
But after all my pride, He is never out of reach

He listens to me every time I pray
It’s like He cares about the things I have to say
And He sent His son to die for me
So I can live with Him someday

I am a son of God
Made in His image
Part of his power
Is living in me
I can become like Him
Like the Savior did
And that’s all I want
I am a son of God
I am a son of God

He expects me to be faithful (To be faithful)
And I will make Him proud
In all I do and all I say
I’ll be clean and I’ll be kind
Find the wrong and make it right
‘Til I finally see His face