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This song is a plea for peace.

04/20/24 | 1 min read
And for the Spirit to stay with us!

We hope you’ve enjoyed a week of songs about prayer! Below is the final one in the series: “Oh, May My Soul Commune with Thee.”

This hymn was written by a Latter-day Saint named Lorin F. Wheelwright to encourage reverence, especially at church. But it’s a good message for anytime you want the Spirit to be with you—in other words, all the time!

Here’s an instrumental version you may not have heard before. (Scroll down for lyrics.)

Oh, May My Soul Commune with Thee

Page 5 of this month’s magazine has an awesome article about prayer by Elder Ulisses Soares. You can read it here!

To Think About

What can you do to make your experience in sacrament meeting more spiritually rewarding this week?

Oh, May My Soul Commune with Thee

Oh, may my soul commune with thee
And find thy holy peace;
From worldly care and pain of fear,
Please bring me sweet release.

Oh, bless me when I worship thee
To keep my heart in tune,
That I may hear thy still, small voice,
And, Lord, with thee commune.

Enfold me in thy quiet hour
And gently guide my mind
To seek thy will, to know thy ways,
And thy sweet Spirit find.

Lord, grant me thy abiding love
And make my turmoil cease.
Oh, may my soul commune with thee
And find thy holy peace.