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Think of how our loved ones will feel.

05/29/24 | 1 min read
It can be a helpful source of strength!

The Savior and our Heavenly Father grieve when we sin, but They’re not the only ones who care about our choices.

Our earthly parents and Church leaders—or others who love us—often mourn, too. Many people have resisted temptation by imagining how their loved ones would feel if they made destructive decisions. That’s not the main reason to live righteously (the best reason is because you love the Lord), but it’s not bad as a secondary reason.

Alma and the sons of Mosiah learned this lesson the hard way. When they repented of their sins after trying to tear down the Church, they undoubtedly felt remorse. They knew they had displeased the Lord. But they also knew they had caused their parents pain.

The scriptures tell us that Alma’s father “rejoiced” when he saw his son devastated by the angel’s words—not because he was glad Alma the Younger was suffering, but because “he knew that it was the power of God” working on him (Mosiah 27:20). The prayers of Alma the Younger’s parents had been answered!

Now all of this this doesn’t mean that you have to share the exact same opinions as your parents on every little thing. Forming different likes and dislikes about some things is a healthy part of growing up. But we can make sure our choices follow the teachings of Jesus Christ—like those described in the For the Strength of Youth guidebook.

And if you don’t have a relationship with your parents, know that many people on both sides of the veil care about you. We are all cheering you on!

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When’s the last time you read the FTSOY guidebook? Now would be a great time to review! Just follow the link in the post.