Addi and Eden at FSY
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They weren’t sure how they felt about their testimonies …

09/16/22 | 1 min read
… until they heard his!

Have you ever gone to a Church activity even when you didn’t really want to? Eden and Addi, two friends in Hawaii, can totally relate!

They were reluctant to go to FSY at first, but they ended up being glad they went—mostly thanks to a testimony meeting near the end of the week.

The girls weren’t in a good mood that night. They were annoyed with some members of their group, and they felt insecure about their testimonies. Then a young man got up and changed everything.

He said he had grown up in a strong Latter-day Saint family but didn’t have much of a testimony himself. His plan had been to keep going to Church to make his parents happy, then leave when he turned 18.

That is, until this FSY conference! He went on to say that his experiences this week had made him realize he had a testimony after all. That’s when a light went on in Addi’s heart.

She thought, “I don’t think I’ve ever felt the Spirit so strongly in my entire life.”

Eden had a similar epiphany.

“That day was the day my testimony started growing,” Eden said. “Before that, we were so upset with the people in our group, but afterwards we were just so filled with love for everyone, and we saw them so differently.”

By the end of the night, Addi even got up and shared what she was feeling! As she put it, “It felt like God knew exactly what we needed in that moment.”

Today, their testimonies are still growing. Good things happen when we try to hear God’s voice—even on grumpy days!

Give It a Try

Maybe you could set a goal to attend a Church meeting or activity the next time you don’t want to go. You might be surprised at what happens if you give it a try!