Saints Volume 3: Helmuth Hübener
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They risked their lives to share the truth!

05/10/22 | 1 min read
A story from Saints 3.

It was 1941 in Nazi-occupied Germany. One night, a young man named Helmuth Hübener invited two of his friends into his house to listen to the radio.

Helmuth’s radio could tune into broadcasts from other parts of the world, so they could hear what was really happening instead of what the Nazis reported. As they listened, the boys realized the Nazi broadcasts were lying to the German people!

So they made a brave decision: they started distributing flyers telling people the truth about the war. Obviously, the Nazis didn’t like this. They arrested the boys and brought them to trial.

You can read the rest of their story in chapters 27–28 of Saints, vol. 3. How can you courageously stand up for truth today?

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