Uniting Hearts and Cultures
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They connect, inspire, instruct, and invite.

08/19/23 | 1 min read
Who knew family stories could be so awesome?

Have you ever thought about how your family stories can make a difference in the world? Something as simple as sharing family stories can connect hearts and cultures, and even spread the love of Jesus Christ! For example...

  • When we share our family stories, we create meaningful connections and increase our understanding and empathy. You might find surprising similarities with your friends, like shared traditions or challenges. These connections remind us that, deep down, we’re not so different from one another. We are all children of God!
  • Family stories provide windows into different cultures. Each family has its own unique practices, customs, and celebrations. When you share your family stories, you invite others to learn about your heritage and celebrate your diversity. By embracing and appreciating these differences, you become more understanding and loving, just as Christ taught us.
  • Remember the commandment to be witnesses of Christ at all times?1 Sharing your family stories is an incredible way to fulfill that commandment. Your family stories can connect hearts, bridge cultures, and spread Christ’s love in a beautiful way. Your stories can testify of Christ’s love, compassion, and sacrifice, inspiring others to seek Him and find hope.

Write Down a Family Story

Ask a parent or grandparent to tell you a story about your family or heritage. Then add it to FamilySearch or your journal... or both!

1. See Mosiah 18:9.