How the Holy Ghost helped Kevin
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There’s a reason the Holy Ghost is called the Comforter!

07/02/22 | 1 min read
Here’s Kevin’s experience.

“I was kind of afraid to go to an activity as big as FSY. When I got there and signed in, I saw one of my friends from my ward there. He saw me too, and he came over to me and made sure I was all right before he headed off to do other things.

“A few nights later, it was time for testimony sharing. I had never really known what my testimony was, but I found myself getting up and starting to share what I felt about the Church. When I sat back down, I sent a silent prayer of thanks to Heavenly Father for helping me not to be so scared in front of all those people.”

Thanks for sharing those experiences with us, Kevin! They are examples of how God, through the Spirit, will comfort and strengthen us if we stay close to Him.

The Spirit Comforted Me When …

Finish the sentence. When has the Holy Ghost helped comfort and strengthen you?