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Their first day with the Lord ends with miracles and angels.

11/27/22 | 1 min read
Here’s a video about 3 Nephi 17.

The Savior had spent the day teaching the Nephites at the temple. He was going to return the next day, but for now it was time to go.

Except … He couldn’t quite bear to leave!

The people loved Him so much and wanted Him to stay so badly that the Savior postponed His departure, healed them, and called down angels to minister to them. What a wonderful day to be at the temple!

Your Temple Plan

Although we may not see angels there, we can find healing and peace at the temple. Make a goal to get your recommend or visit the temple soon!

Note: You can find the full collection of Book of Mormon videos here. We’ll be sharing new episodes in upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!