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The Church helps refugees, and so can you!

09/30/21 | 1 min read
Here’s how.

You’ve probably seen the news about Afghanistan.

Many families are fleeing to other countries, and some have nothing but the clothes on their backs.

If you’ve been paying attention to Church history stories, this may sound familiar. Many early Saints had to flee their homes, too! We should be extra kind to refugees because their story was once our story.

Afghan Refugees

Here are some things you could do to help:

  • Donate to the Church’s Humanitarian Aid Fund here or with a tithing slip. This will help the Church continue to provide shoes, hygiene supplies, infant care items, and other aid to refugees.
  • Use JustServe to find local projects helping refugees moving into your area.
  • Contact a resettlement agency in your area to see how you can help. These agencies help refugees find homes and jobs, enroll in schools, learn about the community—everything needed to start a new life.

Church leaders have encouraged us to help refugees long before this happened in Afghanistan. There was a powerful talk in the April 2016 general conference, for example. And here’s a link to the “I Was a Stranger” initiative we were invited to participate in.

Remember what the Savior taught: when we help those most in need, it’s like we are helping Him! (See Matthew 25:40.)

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