Gospel Living

The chorus is a statement of confidence.

09/17/23 | 1 min read
You are an eternal being!

Because of Jesus Christ, our life is an eternal one! How amazing is that?! Scroll down for lyrics.



If everything around me, everything me around me fades,
I won’t disappear, oh I could never drift away.
There’s a reason I am here,
And I will last a million years.
That’s the way He made me; nothing’s gonna take my place.


I am eternal.
I am a child—I am a child of light.
My heart is burning.
I am on fire
I’m glowing bright, bright, bright.
There’s a feeling in my soul.

I know
I am eternal.
I am eternal.

There is something inside me
Glowing like lightning,
And it’s almost blinding.
You can always find me.
Even through the darkness,
I will keep shining.

’Cause I’m brighter than gold.
’Cause He made me that way.
He made me that way.
Ay ay.



I could never lay low.
Glowing like a halo,
I’ma let the world know
I am eternal.
It’s all because the one who made me
Called me by my name and it changed me.
Like fire in the freezing cold,
He’s the one that put the breath of life into my soul.
Multiply by the reciprocal,
And by my calculations I will live forever; it’s a miracle.


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