Youth Questions and Answers
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Thanks for sending us your music questions.

05/29/22 | 1 min read
Here are some answers!

We asked if you had any questions for the people behind the youth album. Here are some of your questions and their responses!

Rose from Hong Kong asked, “How long does it take to make all the songs, and what do you do when you don’t have ideas?”

Nik Day

Nik Day, pictured above, is the main songwriter for the youth music. He said: “Writing songs is something I work on all year long! When I run out of ideas, I read conference talks and scriptures and write down a lot of my thoughts from that. Thankfully, I love music and being able to share my faith in songs throughout the world.”

A few people asked about the process for choosing who sings on the youth albums. For example, Danielle asked, “If I know people who are interested, where do I direct them to audition or send a sample?” And Grace asked, “Is it open to the public to audition or just a few certain people?”

Here’s what the music team said: “We welcome all talent and music! Feel free to send an audition to”

Isn’t that awesome? We’re so grateful for Nik and the youth music team!

What’s Your Fave?

Which song from this year’s youth album do you like best?

Note: Click here to find all the music and other resources about this year’s theme, “Trust in the Lord.”