Belem Brazil and Quito Ecuador Temples
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Temples were dedicated in Brazil and Ecuador on the same day!

12/20/22 | 1 min read
How much do you know about these countries?

On November 20, 2022, the Belém Brazil Temple was dedicated. Then, just two hours later, the Quito Ecuador Temple was dedicated also!1

Time for a pop quiz: Do the facts below apply to Brazil or Ecuador? Take a guess and then scroll down to check your answers!

  1. Which country shares a border with all but two South American countries?
  2. Which country’s football (soccer) team has won the World Cup five times?
  3. Which country is the world’s biggest exporter of bananas?
  4. Which country has the third-largest population of Latter-day Saints in the world?
  5. Which country touches the equator?

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  1. Brazil. It’s massive! But it doesn’t share a border with Ecuador or Chile.2
  2. Brazil. Their team has competed in every single World Cup.2
  3. Ecuador. The last time you ate a banana, it might have come from here!3
  4. Brazil. There are almost 1.5 million members here.4
  5. Both! Did we get you on that tricky one? :)


1. See this Church News article about the Belém Brazil Temple dedication.
2. Learn more fun facts about Brazil here.
3. Learn more fun facts about Ecuador here.
4. Find statistics about the Church in Brazil and other countries here.