Taylor at FSY
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Taylor found connection at FSY.

01/31/23 | 1 min read
What will you discover there?

Is your stake invited to FSY this year? (You can check by typing your stake name into this page.)

Registration for Canada and the United States will be open between Jan. 26 and the Sunday before the session start date. Other area registrations will open throughout the year.

You should totally sign up to go! Maybe, like Taylor, you’ll make some great friends.

“I had felt that I couldn’t connect to some of my friends on a deeper, spiritual level. That all changed at FSY,” Taylor said.

At the conference, she shared a room with one of her best friends, and she made new friends as well. “Through the devotionals, discussions, and especially through the testimony meeting, I felt the Spirit working in each of us to bring us closer as youth and as friends,” she said.

By the time FSY was over, Taylor felt a deep connection to both her new friends and her old friend. The group decided to keep in touch after they all went home, and their friendship has continued since.

“It is possible to have deeper, spiritual connections,” Taylor said, “if you only let the Spirit work within you to change you into the person Heavenly Father needs you to become.”

Taylor FSY

First Steps to FSY

Check fsy.ChurchofJesusChrist.org to see if your stake is invited to FSY this year! If so, talk to your parents or leaders about registering.