Emily Belle Freeman “Do What You Love”
Gospel Living

Take time to do something you love.

11/28/23 | 1 min read
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I went for a walk tonight with a friend.

I wonder if you enjoy doing that? It’s one of my most favorite things.

As we walked down the street, I noticed a colorful object in the middle of the black asphalt. Bright pink, sea green, a hint of yellow.

When we got closer, I realized it was a rock that had been hand-painted. Whoever painted it included a short message across the front: “Do what you love.”

I bent down and picked it up, and then held it in my hand.

Do What You Love

It was just the reminder I needed today.

Things have been busy lately and a little overwhelming. I’m doing my best to keep up, but today I drove home a little discouraged.

And then I stumbled upon that little rock. I placed it in my pocket, and my friend and I continued our walk. When I got home, I set it on the kitchen table and decided I was going to accept the invitation.

Tonight, I did some of my favorite things. Things that make me happy.

I did what I love.

And it lifted my heart.

I don’t know who painted that rock, but it was just what I needed today. A gentle reminder.

Heavenly Father wants us to be happy. To feel joy. And sometimes that means taking a minute to recharge. Listening to your favorite playlist. Making your favorite snack. Taking time to write in a journal. Connecting with a friend.

I don’t know what your day looks like today, but maybe you are feeling a little overwhelmed. That’s OK. Some days are like that.

Maybe this is an invitation you need, just like I did.

Do what you love.

Make space for joy.

—President Emily Belle Freeman
Young Women General President