Grandma’s Cardigan
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Step back in time and explore styles from another era!

10/02/23 | 1 min read
Grandma’s cardigan might be back in style.

Have you ever wondered what your great-grandmother wore to her first prom? Or what your grandfather’s favorite outfit was when he was in college? Here are a few ideas for a “vintage fashion activity” that you could do with your family or class:

  • Explore FamilySearch and find pictures of ancestors wearing different clothes, then try to recreate the outfits and take photos in the same poses.
  • Ask older family members about their favorite clothes. Ask about where they got them, when they wore them, and if they have any funny clothing-related stories.
  • Find out what kinds of clothes were traditionally made in the countries your family is from. Are they worn for any particular holidays or special events?
  • Visit a vintage clothing store or flea market. Try on clothing from different eras. Which outfits remind you of different family members?
  • Sort through your own clothes and donate some to a charity or thrift store. 

Besides connecting with your family, vintage fashion is a great way to be unique—you’re not likely to see anyone else wearing the same outfit as you. And because vintage pieces are often made from high-quality materials, they can last for years. You never know what stylish surprises you might find!

Clothing Memories

Write about your favorite outfits in your journal. You could also use the FamilySearch Memories App to record stories about clothing from your family members.