Come Follow Me 2023
Gospel Living

Spreading the good news of the Savior’s Resurrection.

04/04/23 | 1 min read
A Come, Follow Me thought about Easter.

Many messages from general conference focused on Easter, which is coming up on Sunday. This holiday celebrates the greatest miracle the world has ever seen!

The people who knew Jesus, believed His gospel, and witnessed His Crucifixion and Resurrection spent the rest of their lives telling others about it. That’s the bulk of the New Testament: the Savior’s Apostles testifying to the world of His gospel message and His atoning sacrifice.

A few prophets (and Jesus Christ Himself) had raised the dead before, but those people had returned to mortal life—they would die again when the time came. The difference with the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is that it was permanent. His body was glorified and eternal! He would never experience suffering, pain, sickness, or death again. And because of Him, we will ALL receive that gift.

Imagine you had witnessed the greatest miracle in history. Wouldn’t you spend the rest of your life telling people about it too? Even though we weren’t around to see the resurrected Lord that first Easter Sunday, we still know what happened—and what is possible—because of Him.

That’s some news worth sharing, don’t you think?

An Easter Invitation

Invite someone to come to church with you on Easter Sunday. There will only be sacrament meeting held that day, and wards are encouraged to make it extra visitor-friendly!