As you prayerfully and consistently study the words of the Book of Mormon, you can partake of its promises and rich blessings in your life.

Spiritual power lies at your fingertips.

01/06/24 | 1 min read
Ready to put these promises to the test?

In this video, Elder Ulisses Soares talks about his gospel knowledge came a little at a time as he studied the Book of Mormon.

Isn’t that hopeful? Even the testimonies of Apostles started much like ours are today. Over time, with much study and prayer, they are now special witnesses of Jesus Christ!

“Be part of the marvelous coming forth of the Book of Mormon in your own life,” Elder Soares invites us.

Let’s make this a marvelous year of drawing closer to our Savior!

Start Small

If you aren’t already in the habit of reading the Book of Mormon, now’s the time to start! Set small goals of just a few minutes a day, and build from there. You got this!