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Soft and teachable, or hard and unwilling?

06/24/22 | 1 min read
When it comes to hearts, softness is key.

Our Heavenly Father loves us perfectly and wants the very best for us. If we align our will with His, He will help us become the best version of ourselves! That requires an ongoing change of heart—a soft and teachable heart instead of a hard and unyielding one.

Elder Eduardo Gavarret recently gave a general conference talk about this very thing! He spoke about ways to gain, notice, and maintain a change of heart.

Gaining a Change of Heart

  1. Study the scriptures to get to know Jesus Christ.
  2. Pray and fast to nurture righteous desires.
  3. Studying and learning alone aren’t enough—we have to act on what we learn!

Noticing a Change of Heart

  1. Do we want to please God in all things?
  2. Do we treat others with love, respect, and consideration?
  3. Do we see that the attributes of Christ are becoming part of our character?
  4. Do we feel the guidance of the Holy Spirit more constantly?
  5. Do we keep a commandment that has been difficult for us to obey, and then continue to live it?

Maintaining a Change of Heart

  1. Take the sacrament in a meaningful way each week.
  2. Visit the temple regularly.
  3. Help with ministering and missionary work.

By the way, isn’t it interesting that “hard-heartedness” is also dangerous physically? When hardened deposits build up in our arteries, it can lead to physical death. There’s a great metaphor there!

Heart Check

What aspects of your heart need changing? What might help soften your heart in those areas of your life?


Adapted from Eduardo Gavarret, “A Mighty Change of Heart: ‘I Have Nothing More to Give You,’” general conference, Apr. 2022.