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Small and simple blessings can still bring us joy.

02/04/24 | 1 min read
Just ask Ester!

“As I look at my life with eyes of gratitude, I see how the Lord is present at all times in my life, however difficult things may be. I have realized that the simplest things can bring us the greatest happiness,” she said.

“A while ago, exercise would not have been on my gratitude list. Then I tried riding a bike and found out that I love it! When I ride my bike, I feel happy. I feel like the world around me is a better place. It gives me time to think, look at nature, and feel Heavenly Father’s love. When I’m worried or sad, it helps me to calm down. When I’m on my bike, I can see thousands of reasons to be grateful,” she said.

“When you look around and see what really matters, you can find joy too.”

Thanks so much for sharing, Ester. What small and simple blessings do you notice today?

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Counting Blessings

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