Lexie’s Patriarchal Blessing
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She was worried about the future.

06/08/23 | 1 min read
A patriarchal blessing helped her find clarity and strength.

Lexie was worried about a lot of the same stuff you probably think about: education, marriage, a mission, and so forth. What did the future hold? One thing that helped her was receiving her patriarchal blessing.

“I remember feeling butterflies in my stomach as I knocked on my patriarch’s door,” Lexie said. “As soon as he said my name, I felt power, and I knew it was the Spirit. I was getting a father’s blessing from my Father in Heaven.

“Before getting my patriarchal blessing, I wrote a list of questions. After receiving my blessing, I looked back on the list. Every single one of those points was answered. My blessing has given me so much direction and peace. Before receiving my blessing, I looked at my future with anxiety. Now I see my future with clearness and strength. I have a purpose. I have a greater understanding of what the Lord wants for me and what I should be doing with my life.”

Thanks for sharing your experience, Lexie! If you feel like it’s the right time to receive your patriarchal blessing—especially if you feel like you need extra direction for your future—talk with your bishop.

Your blessing will contain inspired counsel and promises. It might not answer every single question about your future, and it definitely won’t detail everything that will happen in your life. But it will provide you with direction, like a personal Liahona just for you!1

Prepare or Review

If you haven’t received your patriarchal blessing yet, talk to your parents or bishop about getting one. And if you have one, now would be a great time to review it!

1. The Liahona was kind of like a compass that helped Lehi’s family know which direction to travel in the wilderness. (See 1 Nephi 16.)