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Share your faith-building experiences with others.

08/02/23 | 1 min read
Miracles in your life might inspire them, too!

Disciples of Jesus Christ are supposed to share their testimonies of what God has done for them. In that way, blessings and miracles serve a double purpose: they help the person they happen to, and they inspire the people who hear about them later.

The Apostle Paul boldly told his conversion story every chance he got, even when talking to unfriendly audiences. He tells it twice in Acts, both in chapter 22 and 26. It was Paul’s (then called Saul’s) “origin story,” so to speak. He had seen the resurrected Savior!

Now, you may sometimes have spiritual experiences that feel too sacred or personal to share with anyone, or which the Spirit may prompt you to only share with certain people. It’s OK to keep those things private—you should always trust the Spirit and act accordingly. Remember what the Savior said about not sharing precious, sacred things with people who won’t appreciate them (see Matthew 7:6).

But in general, God wants us to tell people how He has blessed our lives. He wants us to share stories of how living the gospel has helped us.

Can you think of a miracle that has happened in your life that might inspire others? How can you share the experience appropriately? Who do you know that might benefit from hearing it?

How God Has Blessed Me

What are some stories you could share about how God has blessed your life?