Thy Faith Hath Made Thee Whole
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Scripture stories might prompt us to wonder.

03/25/23 | 2 min read
Could we be miraculously healed, too?

Have you ever read a miraculous scripture story and thought, “Wow, I wish I could’ve been there!” Especially in the New Testament, when we read about the stories of people being healed by the Savior, it can be tempting to think, “Why doesn’t that happen to me?”

Is there something you wish Jesus Christ would instantly heal? Here are some ideas that may be helpful to remember.

  • The Savior offers His healing in many ways—including through medication, technology, and professional help. His light opens the minds of those who study, guiding them to gain new understanding and develop new inventions.1 In today’s world, many of us are benefiting from His healing in these ways!
  • We shouldn’t mistake specific healing for a life without problems. People in the scriptures still had other challenges to face after their miracle happened. Just because the daughter of Jairus was raised from the dead, for example, doesn’t mean she never had to worry about anything ever again. Who knows what ongoing trials she had as she grew up? You can probably think of blessings you’ve received in some areas of life, even if the Savior is letting you struggle in other ways so you can learn and grow .2
  • Like the sick woman who touched the Savior’s robe, you may be asked to wait for a long time before receiving healing.3 In the meantime, accept help from others, and keep inviting blessings into your life by trying to follow the Savior. Every good decision you make qualifies you more fully for the blessings He will give you when the time is right.
  • His healing will come. That is a promise! Each of us will someday receive a perfected body, free from pain and disease. And for those who have followed Him, the Savior will compensate and reward us more than we can even imagine.4
  • Finally, if you’re longing for an easy life of no challenges and no choices to make, you’re out of luck, because that was Satan’s plan. God doesn’t want you to ignorantly coast along. He wants you to learn and grow—which requires discomfort. The Godhead is there to help you every step of the way.

Don’t give up hope! Yes, miracles still happen today. “Do the spiritual work to seek miracles,” President Russell M. Nelson recently said. “Prayerfully ask God to help you exercise that kind of faith.”5 You are strong, and you are loved!

This Can Help

Sometimes when we’re feeling bad about our life, it can help to make a list of things we’re grateful for. Try starting it now and adding a little more every day!

1. For more about this idea, see Elder Joseph Anderson’s talk “Light and Knowledge to the World” from Oct. 1972 general conference. It’s an oldie but a goodie!
2. For example, the Apostle Paul experienced many miracles. But he also suffered from a lifelong challenge—maybe a medical condition?—which he described as a “thorn in his flesh.” (See 2 Cor. 12:7–9.)
3. See Luke 8:43–48.
4. See Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s talk, “An High Priest of Good Things to Come” from Oct. 1999 general conference.
5. From “The Power of Spiritual Momentum,” Apr. 2022 general conference.