President Russell M. Nelson and youth from around the world perform 'Hope of Israel' during a youth music festival event held on March 17, 2021.
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Remember when the prophet played “Hope of Israel”?

08/04/21 | 1 min read
We can help bring that hope to the world!

President Russell M. Nelson ended the 2021 Youth Music Festival by playing “Hope of Israel” on the piano. What does it mean to be the “hope of Israel,” though?

Doctrine and Covenants 86:11 gives us some ideas. The Lord says He wants us to be “a light unto the Gentiles” and to use the priesthood and the temple to be “a savior unto my people Israel.”

The Savior has asked us to help Him by sharing the gospel, setting a good example, and spreading happiness. Let’s keep up His hopeful work!

Learn "Hope of Israel"

Memorize the lyrics to “Hope of Israel” so you can sing it the next time you need a spiritual boost.