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Questions about FSY conference?

05/22/22 | 1 min read
Tyler has some answers.

World, meet Tyler. Tyler, meet the world.

Tyler has worked as a counselor and assistant coordinator for FSY conferences in both Utah and Arizona, USA. We decided to pick his brain about some of the frequently asked FSY questions.

Meet an FSY Counselor: Tyler Dawes

How has FSY blessed your life?

“I have learned that I can have fun and still feel the Spirit. I was at a dance once, and we were just having a good time, and I had the thought: ‘Our Heavenly Father loves us so much, and He loves that we are having so much fun right now.’ It is probably one of the happiest moments of my life.”

“I remember being a youth and feeling alone at times. But at FSY, you notice that there are others around you going through difficult decisions, choices, and experiences as well. You can make some lifelong friends.”

How can I get ready for FSY?

“Come prepared to have a good time, meet new friends, try new things, and have fun! Come with questions and seek to receive answers during the week. Also, come with an open mind and be willing to learn. If you aren’t willing to learn, you won’t get much out of it.”

What do people learn at FSY?

“A lot of the youth I worked with said they wished they had known how much the Lord was aware of them. They didn’t notice that until they came to FSY. They learned that God has given them gifts and talents that are there to help them through life.”

What if I don’t want to go?

“I remember at a testimony meeting one young man said something along the lines of, ‘I didn’t want to come—but I’m glad I did. I have met some my best friends and learned a lot about who I am. And I had a lot of fun!’”

Meet an FSY Counselor: Tyler Dawes

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