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Parker didn’t feel close to God.

02/08/24 | 1 min read
Until he reconsidered his Sabbath.

Have you ever had to decide between something exciting OR keeping the Sabbath day holy? 17-year-old Parker faced a difficult decision as he realized the final match of his state wrestling championship fell on a Sunday.

Young Man in Oregon: Exercising

“This experience made me realize what I was capable of,” Parker said, “A lot of youth don’t believe in their ability to make difficult choices. I’ve been there. But you always have the choice to do the right thing, even if you’ve messed up in the past. God knows you and believes in you. He knows you have the ability to do it.”

Young Man in Oregon: Praying

To read more about Parker’s decision—and where he is now—check out the article “A Sabbath Victory” in this month’s For the Strength of Youth Magazine. Enjoy a few bonus pics below!

Young Man in Oregon: Sunday School
Young Man in Oregon: With Grandparents
Young Man in Oregon: Playing the Accordion

Your Sabbath

What can you do to make the Sabbath a more happy, holy day?