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One young man’s journey through a dark season.

01/18/22 | 1 min read
If you are struggling, don’t give up!

We’ve highlighted some recent general conference stories about awesome youth like you—and here’s another one!

Elder Erich Kopischke spoke about his son who struggles with severe anxiety and depression. Like many others, this young man was excited to serve a mission. So when the call came, he accepted it and departed.

But those mental health challenges were real and deep. Elder Kopischke’s son ended up returning home from his mission just four weeks after he had left. He felt devastated!

Eventually, this young man was feeling such deep pain that he decided to take his own life. Fortunately, loved ones and angels rallied around him and his family, helping him survive. Ward members and friends showed support, compassion, and empathy.

His pain didn’t disappear, but he was able to move forward, getting help from therapists and other medical professionals.

You might wonder whether you have enough strength to face the challenges life brings you. Well, you do! Because the strength and courage you need isn’t just your own—Jesus Christ came to earth to give you what you need. He loves you and is with you every minute of every day.

As Elder Kopischke invited all of us, let’s discover how close Jesus Christ really is!

My Team

Who is cheering you on through your trials? Jesus Christ should be on that list. Your local Church leaders are too! Who else?

Note: From “Addressing Mental Health,” general conference, Oct. 2021. For additional help and resources, see