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One Hot-Cha, coming up!

02/26/24 | 1 min read
Let’s explore midday meals.

Do you know what a Hot-Cha is? Neither do we. But it was on a weekly school lunch menu back in 1966!1

Is there a meal, like lunch, that you eat in the middle of the day? Does the food come from your school? Or do you bring food from home?

This week, ask your parents and grandparents what lunches they ate when they were kids. What is the same? What is different?They could add their memories on Family Search.

For an activity, you could draw different foods and have others guess what you’re drawing. Or make a family recipe together! And maybe you could read some scriptures together that mention food, like 1 Nephi 18:24.

Helping the Hungry

Many people don’t eat lunch because they don’t have enough food. Is there something your family can do to share food with those who need it in your neighborhood?

1. See the Capital Journal, Sept. 08, 1966.