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No one knows us like the Savior does.

09/22/23 | 1 min read
Here’s a musical reminder of His love.

How have you liked the Youth Music and Arts Festival videos we’ve been sharing lately? We’re so grateful for what everyone created! Here’s another to add to the collection. Scroll down for lyrics!

What Reminds You?

What reminds YOU of the Savior’s love? Add to your journal!

“Your Love Reminds Me”

When I feel torn apart,
You put me together again.
When you take away my scars,
It helps me remember who I am.

Your love reminds me
The worth of my soul
Is so much deeper than the oceans
And brighter than gold.
Your hands designed me,
And you’ll never let go.
When I start to forget,
Your love reminds me.
Your love reminds me.

I feel it in my heart.
Nobody loves me like you do.
And when the light seems lost,
You touch my eyes and pull me through.


When I don’t trust myself, I trust you.
You are the only way and truth I’ve ever found.
And I know you will never fail me.
When I’m drowning in my fears, you set me free.