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No matter what storms you face, He is there.

03/07/23 | 1 min read
The Savior can guide you to more peaceful waters.

In Mark 4 we read about how the Savior physically calmed the stormy seas. And the New Testament is filled with other stories about how He calmed the stormy lives of faithful people emotionally and spiritually.

Unless you’re a fisherman (shout-out to Colby from the February For the Strength of Youth magazine), you’ll probably experience more of the second kind of calming in your life. Perhaps, like the disciples in this video, you feel like you’ve been battling emotional or spiritual waves for some time now. Jesus often lets us struggle for a bit, because that’s one way we learn and grow. That’s part of our purpose here on earth, after all!

But He is always there with us in those struggles. And when it matters, Jesus Christ will always be there to help us find calmer waters. Sometimes His help will take unexpected forms—like peaceful music, help from professionals, messages of love, or healing that gradually comes as time passes.

The March magazine has multiple articles about finding peace during life’s storms. Take a look! And if you’re in the middle of a stormy season of life, don’t give up. Stick with the Savior and greater peace will come.

Storm Stories

Ask a faithful parent or leader when they’ve seen God’s help during a stormy season of life. What helped them get through it?