Reaching Your Goals
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Need some tips for reaching your goals?

01/18/23 | 1 min read
Jadyn has some for you!

How are your goals for the Children and Youth program going? It’s okay if you’re not perfect at setting and achieving goals. Sixteen-year-old Jadyn isn’t perfect at it either, but she has found a few things that help her. Here’s what she has to say:

  • Include Christ in your goals.
    “The Children and Youth program has strengthened my testimony of Jesus Christ by pushing me to achieve goals that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish on my own. He cares about my goals—no matter how small or simple. He will help us to accomplish our goals if we reach out to Him.”
  • Pray about your goals.
    “I’ve found that prayer strengthens goals. As I pray before bed, I try to think of one thing I would like to do or improve. I then ask our Father in Heaven to help me with my goal by giving me an opportunity to accomplish that goal.”
  • Write your goals down.
    “In this world of chaos and confusion, I’ve found that writing my goals down can help me hold myself accountable for achieving my goals.”
  • Celebrate your progress!
    “There will always be room to improve in every area of our lives. But once you can look back at all of the goals that you’ve accomplished and retained, it can strengthen you as a person, and it puts you in a position to move farther along the covenant path.”
  • Be patient with yourself.
    “Patience is key in goal setting. Falling short of goals is frustrating and discouraging at times. Don’t give up! There will be times when you fail, so learn from those failed attempts, and sometimes that can make you stronger than if you would’ve succeeded.”

If you’re not working on a goal right now, it’s time to start a new one! Check out the Youth Guidebook for inspiration and ideas!

Set a New Goal

Pick a spiritual, social, physical, or intellectual goal to work on.