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Medals are great, but what really motivates him is the Savior.

03/12/23 | 1 min read
Judo, karate ... and the gospel?!

Meet Felipe, from Pará, Brazil. He’s been competing in mixed martial arts (MMA), judo, and karate since he was a kid! But if you ask him for the secrets behind his success, you might be surprised at his answers. For example, he’s quick to point to the multiple priesthood blessings from his dad over the years.

“This helps me be more confident,” Felipe says. “I know that regardless of the result, the hand of the Lord was there.”

Sometimes Felipe’s friends would laugh at him when he didn’t join their partying. But Felipe doesn’t regret it—spiritually or physically.

“Just like the gospel brings blessings, in sports it also brings achievements! Not going to party with my friends and eating the right things both influence the result.”

Now Felipe is serving as a missionary in the Brazil São Paulo South Mission. Before he left, many of his family and friends didn’t understand why he would pause his training and competitions for two years. Felipe had to have a lot of hard conversations and focus on growing his testimony each day.

“To be a champion is to overcome every day, overcome failure, overcome trials,” he said. “I am a champion because of the Lord. Living the gospel has made me a champion in life and in sports.”

Now that’s what winning looks like!

Learning from a Friend

What’s something you learn from Felipe’s testimony and experiences?


Adapted from this article in the Mar. 2023 For the Strength of Youth magazine.