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Match the constellation with the myth.

08/27/22 | 1 min read
All stars testify of God’s handiwork!

Stars have been important to many cultures throughout history. People have used them to navigate. In Old Testament times, the Lord used them to symbolize the power of His promises. (For example, see Genesis 15:5.)

Sometimes people saw shapes in the stars and created stories to go along with them. Can you match the story of each constellation with its picture below? Scroll to the bottom to check your answers!

1. Orion

  • Orion was a hunter according to Greek mythology. His belt is represented by three stars.
  • The Navajo used this constellation to know when to plant their crops, and they saw it as a symbol of protection.

2. Canis Major

  • Ancient Greeks associated this constellation with the fastest dog in the the mythical world, named Laelaps.
  • It is one of the dogs following Orion!

3. Ursa Major

  • Native Americans, Romans, and Greeks all saw this constellation as a large bear.
  • Another famous constellation called the Big Dipper is part of this constellation.

4. Cygnus

  • In Chinese mythology, this constellation represents the “magpie bridge.”
  • The Greek myths associated with this constellation involve someone turning into a swan.

Constellation A: Who am I?


Constellation B: Who am I?


Constellation C: Who am I?


Constellation D: Who am I?


Okay, time to see how you did! Scroll down for answers …

A. Ursa Major


B. Cygnus


C. Canis Major


D. Orion


Your Starry Sky

Spend time learning more about the stars and constellations that you can see at night. Isn’t it amazing to know that God is aware of all of it?