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Making new friends?

03/07/22 | 1 min read
Here’s Haven’s story.

Making new friends can be hard! The truth is, most people will go through seasons of loneliness now and then. Here’s one young woman’s story and some other tips to keep in mind. You are loved!

Your Great Advice

“I saw someone sitting alone at lunch and tried talking to her. It was frustrating because I felt like we were getting nowhere. But I prayed to Heavenly Father, and He helped me continue to get to know her. Eventually, we became friends!

“Sometimes making new friends can be scary, hard, or take a long time. Once we get past the awkward beginning phase, then we’ll be glad that we made the effort to get to know them.”

—Haven G.

Other tips for making friends:

  • Show kindness and respect to others.
  • Ask others about hobbies they are interested in.
  • Try learning new skills and meeting people that way.
  • Ask God for help and guidance.
  • Make friends with your family members.
  • Try to be the kind of friend you hope to meet.

You can read even more in these articles. Hang in there. Things will get better!

A Good Friend

What kind of qualities do you think a good friend has? What can you do to develop those qualities?