Gospel Living

Listen to Primary kids talk about the widow’s mite.

05/27/23 | 1 min read
Could you summarize the story?

These kids did such a good job retelling this scripture story from Mark 12:41–44.

It’s a good reminder that you’re never too young to let the teachings of Jesus guide your life. It’s also a reminder that we need to keep reviewing scripture stories, even if we already learned them once upon a time.

What if someone unexpectedly asked YOU to share a scripture story? Would you be able to tell them something meaningful off the top of your head? Even better than sharing the events of the story is being able to share what it means in your life.

That’s a good goal for all of us to work toward! Thanks for the inspiration, kiddos.

In Your Own Words

Pick a scripture story and retell or rewrite in your own words, as if you were sharing it with someone who’d never heard it before. Maybe someday you will get the chance to share it!