October 2023 General Conference Quote Card
Gospel Living

Life comes down to caring about what matters most.

02/23/24 | 1 min read
Learning that is why we’re here!

Remember this talk? It’s where “Think Celestial!” came from.

President Russell M. Nelson is teaching us that as we make choices every day, we should keep the big picture in mind. Which options line up with where you want to be for eternity?

Now, not every choice has obvious eternal consequences. What toothpaste to use, for example, might not have a celestial answer. God may not be too concerned about whether we choose to eat peas or carrots for lunch, but there are other things He does care deeply about—like the Word of Wisdom, chastity, and other commandments.

He can help us make decisions about the things that matter most. Let’s work with Him to use our agency wisely!

Make a Reminder

Create a “think celestial” sign to hang somewhere you’ll see it often.

Read or watch President Nelson’s full message here.