April 2023 General Conference Quote Card
Gospel Living

Let’s grow beyond the checklist mentality.

05/14/23 | 1 min read
And embrace an attitude of love and sharing!

President Cordon is reminding us of something important—that it’s not just what we do, but why we do it that matters. Doing things because of a sense of duty is good. But doing things because we love God and others is even better! President Cordon specifically mentioned that we grow closer to Christ through:

  • Worshiping in the temple frequently
  • Repenting daily
  • Studying the scriptures
  • Going to Church and seminary
  • Pondering our patriarchal blessings
  • Receiving ordinances worthily
  • Honoring sacred covenants

“All of these invite the Spirit to enlighten our minds, and they bring added peace and protection,” she said. “But do we honor them as sacred opportunities to testify of Christ?”

Let’s use moments of worship to allow God and Christ to fill us, nourish us, elevate and transform us. And let’s use these moments to share our testimony with others as well! The checklist is just a tool, not the point.

Level Up

What’s something you can do to make your holy habits more meaningful this month?

PS—Read or watch President Cordon’s full talk here. Look for another conference quote card next week!