Two Brothers Two

    Two Brothers Two: Miracles and Making a Difference

    Episode 10

    Sam makes a difference in the life of a friend from Chile11:03

    In the unique new documentary series Two Brothers Two, director Rick Stevenson takes us on a journey through the lives of the Nelson brothers, Sam, Luke, Tommy, and Joseph, as they struggle to find love for each other and for themselves.

    In this episode, Sam searches for a way to help his Chilean friend Luciano, who lost his leg and arm after a terrible accident. Miraculously, and with help from generous strangers, Sam is able to raise $250,000 to change Luciano’s future. When Sam realizes anything is possible with determination, creativity, and help from God, he finally chooses a career path that excites him.

    See whom Sam and Luke are dating later in the series. In the mean time, let’s get to know their two younger brothers. Meet sweet and talented Joseph in Episode 11.