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    Nearer, My God, to Thee

    Jesus Christ can comfort us in times of need.4:19

    Images for this music video portray moments when Jesus Christ personally reached out to those who needed His help, love, and understanding. He still reaches out to us today.

    Gordon B. Hinckley said, “Never assume that you can make it alone. You need the help of the Lord."

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    1. Nearer, my God, to thee,
    Nearer to thee!
    E'en though it be a cross
    That raiseth me.
    Still all my song shall be

    Nearer, my God, to thee,
    Nearer, my God, to thee,
    Nearer to thee!

    2. Though like the wanderer,
    The sun gone down,
    Darkness be over me,
    My rest a stone,
    Yet in my dreams I'd be

    3. There let the way appear,
    Steps unto heav'n;
    All that thou sendest me,
    In mercy giv'n;
    Angels to beckon me

    Hymns, no. 100