Inspirational Messages

    The Blessings of the Temple


    Learn how the blessings of the temple enable us to be sealed (connected) to our families after death and return back to the presence of our Father in Heaven.


      Temples are now more accessible than ever. Inscribed on each temple are the words holiness to the Lord. The temple is the House of the Lord, the basis for every temple ordinance and covenant, the heart of the plan of the salvation is the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Every activity, every lesson, all we do in the church point to the Lord and his holy house.

      Go to the temple so that I can create a better relationship with my Heavenly Father.


      In the temples, we find an abundance of the spirit of the Lord.

      Each holy temple stands as a symbol of our membership in the church, as our sign of our faith and life after death, and as a sacred step toward eternal glory for us and our families.

      I love the temple. And without the temples, I can't link my family together.

      Families really can be together forever. They can be linked together through all the generations. And the work done in temple ordinances accomplishes that.

      No unclean thing may enter His hallowed house. Yet anyone is welcome who prepares well.

      When I first joined the church, I used to go to the Los Angeles temple and sit down and wonder, well, in a year, it'll be my time to go there. But I always felt a sense of peace there.

      Each temple is a house of learning. There we are taught in the Master's way. His way is ancient and rich with symbolism.

      I actually have a lot of friends who have asked me about temples. So I try to explain to them how special it is and how sacred it is.

      We go to the temple to be taught by the spirit. We are taught about eternal principles.

      I learned definitely more about the Savior Jesus Christ and his role in my life.

      Teachings of the temple are beautifully simple and simply beautiful. They are understood by the humble, yet they can excite the intellect and the brightest minds.

      The temple helps us to grow, to learn, to perfect.

      The temple is a house of learning. It's a place where we go to commune with God, but it's a place where we go to receive instruction, to come to know Him better.

      And to be able to be taught in such pleasant surroundings is just a tremendous blessing in our lives.

      I have learned that temple blessings are most meaningful when death takes a loved one away from the family circle. Death cannot sever families sealed in the temple. They understand death as a necessary part of God's great plan of happiness.

      It's a bridge between us and our family that is on the other side.

      Temples are a blessing to the people, not only those that are here, but those that have gone on before us.

      The temple for me is a place where I can go to receive direction for my life. It stands as a reminder to me of the eternal blessings that I can have in my life.